Potty Training Your Husky

The first and most important thing, which also happens to be the most annoying, thing to teach your husky is to go potty outside instead of on your white rug. Husky puppies don’t know that going potty indoors is not allowed so you are responsible for teaching him to do his business outside.

You should start housebreaking your husky from day one. The longer you let him pee and poop inside the more comfortable he will be with it and will form a habit which will be much harder to get rid of. Start house-training him the very first day that you bring him home instead of waiting. Remember that younger puppies will have a much easier time learning new things so use that to your advantage!

Frequent walks are a MUST when housebreaking your pup. The more you take him outside, the less likely he will pee inside leaving you with a fun mess to clean up. Take him out after feeding time and let him empty his bladder. Huskies have small bladders and the extra food in his tummy will put pressure on his bladder and give him a sudden urge to go potty.

You should also walk your husky between meals. Small puppies need to be walked at least six times per day while they are getting house-trained. Don’t worry, you won’t have to walk your husky six times every day. Once he gets older and learns that he should only poop and pee outdoors, you can cut down his walks to three or four times.

This should help you get started with training your husky to go potty outdoors instead of indoors. Remember that constancy is key when training your dog. With just a little patience and time your husky will be asking to go outside whenever he needs to, just make sure u don’t ignore him when he does!