The Ongoing Battle Between WeatherTech and Husky Liners

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the biggest fight of the year. I present to you two top-notch floor mat brands competing for the title. In one corner, we have Husky Liners, a company that’s been designing unique carpet protection products for more than 15 years. In the other corner, we have WeatherTech, a company committed to crafting the best floor mats in the business. So, sit back, relax and watch these companies duke it out.

When it comes to quality floor mats, everybody wants the best for their cars, but it’s not always obvious which mat is best for you. Which one delivers the best protection against mud, muck and moisture? Which floor mats will contain your spilt coffee, nachos and bean burrito the best? And, which floor mat is going to hold up the longest? All of these are good things to consider when purchasing your next set of all-weather floor mats. And, by narrowing it down between Husky Liners and WeatherTech, I can already see you’re well on your way to equipping your ride with the best carpet protection possible.

Now, in order to make a decision that’s best for you, you’re going to really have to think about what your personal needs are. Either brand is going to provide you with excellent protection, but, depending on what exactly you’re looking for, one might satisfy your needs better than another. Here are some key things about WeatherTech and Husky Liners that might make a difference when purchasing your next set of floor mats.

Custom Vs Semi-Custom
While not completely custom fit to your vehicle, WeatherTech floor mats are sold in an ideal size to best fit your particular year, make and model. And, they’re easy to trim for an even more precise fit. Their rugged underside helps keep them from slipping out of place. On the other hand, Husky Liners are completely custom formed to fit your specific year, make and model. This helps them to stay in place perfectly and to provide the best wall-to-wall protection.

Effect on Your Wallet
Because of their custom fit, Husky Liners are going to run you a bit more than WeatherTech. You’ll probably notice a price difference of around $50 for a complete set of WeatherTech floor mats or Husky Liners mats.

One last thing to consider is the warranty each brand offers. Husky Liners backs their mats with a Lifetime Warranty, while WeatherTech offers a 10-year warranty.

There’s no clear winner here tonight. It comes down to a judge’s decision, and you, of course, are the only one who can judge it. If you feel the extra warranty and perfectly customized fit is worth the extra money, go ahead and choose Husky – you won’t be disappointed. On the other hand, if you are happy getting top-quality protection while saving some money for a rainy day, you’d be better off going with WeatherTech.

Siberian Husky Breeders Not To Give The Time Of Day To

You have made the decision to get a Siberian Husky and of course the next logical decision to make is to find a good Siberian husky breeder. Finding a good Siberian husky breeder is not only the next decision it could be one of the most important decisions in your dog’s life so make sure you cover all of your bases and learn which kind of Siberian husky breeders to avoid. It is important to know what resources you should be calling on in order to narrow down your breeder search and here are just some of the places you should look.

Any reputable breeder will be listed with a national breeder registry. The registry sets the breeding standards that the breeder follows and if they do not have a listing with a breeder registry then it makes you wonder what standards they are using. Ask if they are listed with a registry and if they are not the question why they made that choice.

Your vet can be an important fountain of information when you are getting ready to settle on a Siberian husky breeder. When you have a list of potential breeders you should bring that list to your vet to see if any of the breeders you are considering is one to avoid. If you do not have a vet then the breeder selection process is the perfect time to start a relationship with one because you will not find anyone else that cares about your pet’s health as much as your vet besides yourself.

It may seem a bit extreme but you may also want to run your list of potential Siberian husky breeders by local law enforcement and see if any of the names on your list ring a bell with them as well. If a breeder is known in a negative way to local law enforcement then you probably do not want to deal with that breeder.

The local animal rescue groups should also have a pretty good idea about the Siberian husky breeders to avoid in your area so you can take your list of breeders to them and see if any of the names come off to them as particularly bad or not. It is the job of the local animal rescue groups to make sure that pets are taken care of so they will definitely steer you away from the bad Siberian husky breeders in your area.

Your breeder and you should have a very open and comfortable relationship. If you do not feel comfortable dealing with a particular breeder then do not do business with them. The relationship with your breeder could be very important to the health of your dog so be sure that you take your time, use all of the resources available to you, and make the right decision when it comes to choosing a Siberian husky breeder.

The Lowdown on Siberian Husky Problems

When you own a Siberian Husky you need to be aware of possible issues as any dog owner should be aware of. Many of the Siberian Husky problems you will encounter are a result of their built in need to be busy and working and while that can lead to problems it can also be a good thing as well. All you need to do is keep track of your dog’s behavior and know what the warning signs are of prospective Siberian Husky problems and then you should be alright.

The Siberian Husky loves to run and while this is a great feature for a hunting dog or a racing dog it can be a problem with a family dog. You need to take the time to teach your Siberian Husky that there is a time for running and a time to relax but the only thing that makes that work is if you do give your dog time to run each and every day.

You are going to want to take the time to teach your Siberian Husky social skills with other people and animals because one of the big Siberian Husky problems is that the dog can get very protective of its human family and become a less that hospitable host to strangers. They were bred to be working dogs so they always need a task to do and it is your job as the responsible owner to teach them that guarding the family at all times does not need to be one of their tasks. A Siberian Husky on guard can be a very dangerous animal.

The Husky is a direct relative to the wolf so, rather than spending their time and energy barking, the Husky likes to howl a lot. This can be especially troublesome when your Husky starts to get all the other dogs in the neighborhood howling as well. It is a built in behavior that you will never be able to completely suppress but obedience training can help get it under control.

Just like any other breed of dog the Siberian Husky has its share of medical issues as well. Some of the more common Siberian Husky problems that your vet can help with are things like bone disorders that make it very painful for the dog to walk or move. Your Husky is also known to develop digestive problems that can make life miserable for them and for you. There is also the chance of eye infections that, if not treated, can lead to other serious medical conditions. Make sure you get your Husky to the vet regularly and keep them healthy.

A Siberian Husky is a hard working and active dog that is a direct relative to the wild wolf so you can imagine that their instincts can sometimes be a problem. But they are also very loyal dogs and if you take the time to develop a good relationship with your Husky then you can work out any Siberian Husky problems that may come up.