Husky Tools

Husky is a product line of hand and pneumatic tools as well as tool storage products. The slogan of Husky is “the toughest name in tools”. What’s great about all Husky hand tools? The brand offers a lifetime warranty for its customers and it also boasts of strength, durability as well as quality.

The Husky product line can be categorized into nine classifications: air compressors, air tools, automotive, flashlights, hand tools, ladders, power, safety equipment and storage but Husky categorization actually extends far beyond what was mentioned above as they are further divided into smaller and smaller units. The purpose of doing so is so that the customers can easily find what it is exactly they are looking for with a minimum amount of guff and searching. This is actually part and parcel of Husky’s excellent customer service which any good business understands.

The Husky brand is famous for their automotive tools and products and has been providing tools and tool boxes to professional mechanics as well as do it yourself individuals across the US and around the world for the past fifty-five years. But Husky understands that in order for business to keep on growing, they would have to expand their product line so they began to carry tools for wood working, crafting, ladders, hand tools and other accessories that will satisfy the needs of people with all types of jobs: big or small, professional, commercial and even industrial jobs.

If you want to use some of their high quality products, there is only one place where you should go: The Home Depot. Yes, unlike other manufacturers with various distributors both big and small, across the country, the Husky product line can be exclusively found in Home Depot stores where it is considered to be the house brand. Stanley Works manufactures the Husky brand for Home Depot.