Husky Sets the Standard for Commercial Beverage Coolers

Beverage coolers have been around for many years now and have become a very important part of the restaurant and catering industry. No restaurant or bar can afford be to be without a commercial beverage cooler. They’ll simply fall behind the competition. The Husky range has now taken commercial coolers to a whole new and improved standard. Restaurant owners are noticing Husky and what a difference it can make in their business.

What makes Husky commercial beverage coolers better?

  1. They have a greater reliability and robustness. The door frame is plastic which is fitted into a galvanised metallic grid. This makes the doors and cooler more stable therefore it is able to take on the constant activity of opening and closing. It is built to take on the extra activity that occurs in any busy restaurant.
  2. They increase convenience and minimise space. The Husky coolers are fitted with a sliding door system that has a gravity assisted self closing mechanism. This allows you to place the cooler in narrow corridor or smaller bar areas so that it won’t take up much space. And it won’t inconvenience staff that are passing by. In addition (if required) the doors can be easily removed for repairs.
  3. They offer great product visibility. The glass doors allow you to see all the stock inside the beverage cooler and the easily adjustable and removable shelves enable you to maximise the space inside.
  4. They have a large capacity for storage. The 857 litre Husky beverage cooler is able to hold up to 784 units of 330ml drink cans. They are over a meter wide and just under 2 meters high and are fitted with double doors for easy access to the whole unit.
  5. They are suitable for branding. The large side panels allow for additional branding directly onto the beverage cooler. This is a great option if you want to promote your brand or a specific drink. There is also an option to have a bright, illuminated and printed canopy. This will attract more attention to the commercial cooler. Furthermore, the glass doors allow for great brand visibility of the products.

The new Husky SL1140 glass door chiller provides a whole host of features, minimum running costs, and a stylish design. All combine to offer superior chilling performance every single time. If you are in the market for a commercial beverage cooler look no further as the Husky SL1140 is quickly becoming the number one choice in the hospitality industry because of its performance and durability.