Alaskan Husky Puppies

Alaskan husky puppies are one of the best looking dog breeds along with the Siberian husky and malamute husky. The Alaskan husky isn’t normally associated with people as a domestic pet because it is a lot more common for them to be seen in the wild or sledding. The Siberian husky and malamute are more commonly known as domestic pets around the world.

The Alaskan husky is unmatched when it comes to sled racing over any pure northern bred dog and some can be valued between ten to fifteen thousand pounds. Alaskan huskies are moderate in size, averaging 46 to 60 pounds (21 to 25 kg) for males and 38 to 42 pounds (17 to 19 kg) for females.

Alaskans may be of any possible canine color and any pattern of markings. Eyes may be of any color and are often piercing light blue. Coats are almost always short to medium in length and usually less dense than those of northern purebreds. whereas there are a lot less colour variations with the more domestic Siberian and malamute.

Alaskan husky puppies begin sled training from a young age but can often suffer from hip dysplasia later on in life. which is common in all medium canine breeds to large breeds.

Racing Alaskans are purely bred for stamina, strength, speed, and endurance. Sled dogs that come in contact with the public at races or in excursion businesses must not be aggressive toward humans so they are very social dogs.

Alaskan race huskies make great pets when they are too old to race. They tend to be very alert and well behaved compared to younger more energetic huskies.

Young huskies make good pets but their high demand for exercise requires they get exercised frequently and daily otherwise it will become stressed.

The husky is a social dog and it likes to be around other dogs and people. If multiple huskies are kept in the same area they tend to howl and bark at each other and any other dogs in the vicinity unless they are trained to be quiet. This can be a nuisance to neighbours and irritating. Huskies are prone to escape they have been known to jump 8ft fences and are escape artists so owning one could be tricking. They are stubborn and can be difficult to train but it is a fantastic dog to have.