4 Tips on Taking Care of Your Husky

The gentle nature and liveliness of the husky makes it the choice of pet for families searching for a long term companion. Yet, care of this magnificent dog is often something neglected as we go about our busy day to day lives. Like all dogs, huskies require care and attention. Dedicated care and attention for your husky is the only way to derive a satisfying and healthy relationship with your pet. We list here, 4 tips on taking care of your husky.

It is important to pay attention to your husky’s health needs. Do so by scheduling regular visits to your local vet. At a puppy’s age, be sure to vaccinate your husky against a variety of dog-related illnesses. This is important as failure to do so could possibly result in grave consequences in time to come. Also, it is important get it checked on a regular basis for hip dysplasia when your husky has reached the age of six. Huskies in general are typically prone to this illness especially if they do not have adequate amounts of protein and fat in their diet. In all cases, vets provide valuable advice regarding a huge variety of topics covering nutritional and training needs. Thus, visits to the vet are necessary to ensure that your husky’s health is at its peak.

You should also take precautions to prevent your husky from running away from your home by taking the necessary measures. Huskies are active dogs with strong muscles with the ability to dig relatively deep holes as well as the ability to jump over fences. Make sure all fences are secured deep into the ground and that fences are high enough to prevent possible escapes from your home. Huskies are known to run great distances only to find themselves get lost far from home when they actually do escape.

In addition, take your husky out for regular exercises. These dogs are used to wide open areas and require an ample amount of space for physical activities. You could take your husky for a walk or engage it in simple games such as a game of ‘catch’. Exercise prevents obesity and develops your husky’s physical strength. Health-related problems are known to arise for inactive huskies. Even better, games promote great owner-pet relationships allowing the husky to grow closer to you as well as be integrated into the neighborhood in which it lives in.

Last of all, it would be necessary to train your husky. While huskies are mild tempered dogs, they can be relatively mischievous. Fortunately, they are relatively easily to train. Training can be done yourself. Alternatively, you could engage the services of a professional dog trainer. Skills which are necessary include toilet training and social skills. Training your husky would be a worthwhile long term investment by ensuring that your husky does not get into too much mischief in and around the house.

Taking care of your husky is something which requires patience, commitment and effort. In any case, those who are able to put in such commitments would be amply rewarded with a great time with their huskies for years to come.

Small Business Networking – 7 Essential Factors of Generating Business Leads

Network is and always will be about building relationships. Too many people make the mistake of believing that it’s about only building business leads or selling products. While this is what drives us to improve our networking it shouldn’t be the only thing.

When done well, and done properly, networking brings together 7 core ingredients or factors that make your outreach more successful. This combination, with no factor being more important than another, will help you master the art of small business networking and as a results – you’ll generate more quality business leads. The important thing is to focus on the individual and the relationship – the rest will fall into play. Start by working on these 7 factors.


When you first approach someone to begin a networking relationship you need make sure that you will communicate effectively and openly – that means being authentic. Show that you’re enthusiastic and genuine while expressing real interest.

Body Language

Respect the personal space of the other person while standing tall and holding your position in a conversation. Make sure your body languages gives off the overall perception of being confident and assured. Don’t try too hard to appear confident because it’s equally important to appear relaxed – above all else you need to “look comfortable in your shoes”.


One of the ideal ways to show that you’re interested in what someone else has to say is to listen carefully and ask appropriate questions during the conversation. When you stay engaged it inspires a contact to keep talking. Genuine interest (or the impression of it) is a great way to foster business leads.


When conversation runs all over the place while talking to business leads, it’s hard to make the discussion memorable – especially when it’s just a bunch of small talk. Focus the conversation onto one interesting topic that a contact brought up. Expand on it and explore.


During the conversation you’ll likely come across topics of interest. Grab those because those a strong connection points. This flows back to the point of Focus. When you find a topic that resonates with both of you (or everyone in the conversation) use that to cement the relationship for a better chance at building good business leads


It might sound like something out an alternative wellness book or self help guide but when you’re networking and trying to build relationships with business leads you should visualize a successful outcome. When you’re positive, there’s a better chance for a positive outcome and it shows in your body language.


As you build on the relationship with business leads, don’t forget to follow up. You don’t have to offer an invitation immediately but be sure to follow up quickly with an offer for a meeting, coffee, etc. to hook up and talk shop – or simply to keep the personal conversations and interests flowing.

How To Easily Acquire New Customers For Small Businesses

Making money has now become easier in the information age. The internet has opened up a whole new world of accessing and sharing data
between individuals or entities.

Without proper understanding, the internet can be very confusing and intimidating. That is why many small businesses do not own a website.

It is said that 60% of small businesses in the US with less than 100 employees have their own website or probably don’t want to own one.

The reasons may be;
· They don’t know what to do with it
· They can’t keep it updated
· It can be too confusing to keep up with the latest strategies
· They are too busy focussing on the business to bother

About their website and would rather pay someone else to do that for them.

Meanwhile, the internet is one big lead generator.

A lead is simply a prospective customer for your product or services.

There are resources on the internet of people who need and want your products or services. People who surf the net are constantly searching for solutions to solve their problems. If you can position yourself to answer their questions, you can become rich. The problem is the internet can be too chaotic to find anything unless you know What you are doing.

If you can get the website visitors into buyers, you can cash in big time. There are several companies which harness these internet surfers, find out what They really are looking for, get their details and give or sell the information to Those who have the solution to the problems of those surfing the internet. Most of these companies compile this data and sell them as lists of leads to firms Who need new business or who want to expand their customer base. Other companies rent their lead database to service providers.

If you would like, as a small business, to acquire customers without the expensive Way of advertising, you can consider buying or renting these leads from such companies. You need to acquire not just any leads but guaranteed quality leads. For example, if you are a plumber, you may want to get a list of leads of people who Have just bought or are about to sell their houses.

The new home owners may not have a contract with anyone just yet and you may just Be the solution to their problem of changing the bathtub to a better one, for instance. New home owners are targeted leads as opposed to home owners who may have Already created a good relationship with their plumber when they first moved in. It doesn’t matter what you are offering, you can get leads to expand your customer base.